Deadman Wonderland

Welcome to the most famous attraction in japan, 'Deadman Wonderland'! But are you a prisoner, or a tourist?
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 Extended Information.

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Senji Kiyomasa
Senji Kiyomasa

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PostSubject: Extended Information.   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:29 pm

Doctors- As explained in the group description, Doctors are all in charge of keeping tabs on experiments and most importantly Deadmen. These Doctors take care of the corpses left after battles in the Carnival Corpse and are appointed to remove the limbs of losers. They have the choice to remove these organs with or without anesthesia, depending on what they have to remove depending on the slot machine that determines what the Deadman loses. Sadists are common among Doctors and nice doctors are very hard to come across.

Deadmen- Deadmen are a group of human beings whom, after the Great Tokyo Earthquake, seemed to develop the power to use their own blood as weapons, armor, or tools. Depending on the personality type, the Branch of Sin that they are able to use is different. Once Deadmen are captured, they are sent to a secret level of Deadman Wonderland known as G-block where they are forced to fight each other in an arena known as the Carnival Corpse. The Deadman that loses is forced to use the slot machine that determines what limb or piece of organ that must be lost as collateral and for further experimentation. The only Deadman who is known to have had personal interactions with the 'Red Man' is Ganta. The Red Man gave Ganta his Branch of Sin abilities after slaughtering his whole middle school class which ended with him being imprisoned and put on Death Row. Ganta is also the only Deadman with one of the many red crystals scattered about the remains of Tokyo located in his body, and as a result, his powers are greater. He may be the weakest physically, but mentally he never breaks down.

Scar Chain- Scar Chain is a large group of Deadmen whose influence within the prison extends greatly. Each Deadman within Scar Chain despises the whole idea of Deadman Wonderland and will stop at nothing to see it crumble. The plan that they have is designed to show the world what Deadman Wonderland is really about and what they are forced to do to each other. The leader of Scar Chain is known by others as Owl, and his ability, the Owl Eye, allows him to form his blood into spheres that explode with tremendous force.

Undertakers- Undertakers are special prisoners that have been deemed 'Unchangeable' and after a series of extremely harsh 'training' exercises, are able to defeat Deadmen by rendering their Branch of Sin abilities useless. If a Branch of Sin was to touch the weapon of an Undertaker, it would simply dissipate into normal blood, leaving them defenseless. The only way to effectively defeat an Undertaker is to destroy their weapon with the Branch of Sin. But as a catch, the ability must travel faster than the speed of sound itself. The only Deadmen known to do this are Ganta, and Senji.

Forgeries- Forgeries are false Deadmen whom after a series of experiments were granted the Branch of Sin. These false Deadmen are kept under control by a main module within the depths of G-Block and they are reached by the masks that they are forced to wear during fights against real Deadmen. The Branch of Sin that they are most known for is is a large snake that once bitten by, causes the muscles surrounding the wound to swell and burst. The only known way to counter this is by removing the limb or bit of contaminated muscle before it gets the chance to spread throughout the body.
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Extended Information.
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