Deadman Wonderland

Welcome to the most famous attraction in japan, 'Deadman Wonderland'! But are you a prisoner, or a tourist?
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 Prisoners on Death Row.

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Senji Kiyomasa
Senji Kiyomasa

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PostSubject: Prisoners on Death Row.   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:25 pm

For prisoners sentenced to Death by the court (me), you will die in Deadman Wonderland unless you eat one of the Candy antidotes every three days due to the poison that is constantly injected into your bloodstream through the collars that you are forced to wear at all times. You start out with a bag filled with these Candies and can purchase more through the usage of Cast Points or prison currency. All cast points that you earn are located on a small plastic card that you swipe every time you purchase something, just like a credit card. You earn CP through the many contests that are offered in Deadman Wonderland and if you are a Deadman, every time that you win a battle in the Carnival Corpse a large sum of CP is transferred to your account to buy food, snacks, more candies, and even your freedom. But only normal prisoners can buy freedom for Deadmen are too valuable to be lost.
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Prisoners on Death Row.
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