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Welcome to the most famous attraction in japan, 'Deadman Wonderland'! But are you a prisoner, or a tourist?
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 Rules for the Canon Characters

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Senji Kiyomasa
Senji Kiyomasa

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PostSubject: Rules for the Canon Characters   Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:26 pm

Alright people, these are the rules for all main characters. All of the rules for randoms still apply, but there are a few rules that Canons need to follow.

1. If you choose to be a Canon, you need to stick with what they can actually do! I don't mind if you want to expand on them, but they aren't all invincible.

2. Please keep all character fantasies in either your mind or in PM. If you can't handle the responsibility I will hand control to someone else with or without warning!

3. Be realistic please. I don't mind a comedy segment here and there but if you begin to do and or request ludicrous things, I'll just boot you.

4th and final! If you need someone to be online for a certain story to progress I will try my best to get them to help you. If they can't I will try.
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Rules for the Canon Characters
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