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 Cannibal Miyavi

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PostSubject: Cannibal Miyavi   Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:49 am

Name- Miyavi Tejirou

Age/D.O.B- 27/1983

Mental Status- Schizophrenic, Cannibalistic, sociopathic, sadistic, masochist, basically Unstable

Social Class- Upper

Occupation or Affiliation- Psychopath


Born in Okinawa, Japan to a rich family, Miyavi was known as the best child a parent could want. As a baby, he was quiet and obediant. He wasn't one to cry or whine, he'd just sit there and stare at his parents all day long. He would drool, which was his only problem, and even before he was teething, he was biting on everyones fingers. On his third birthday, he was taken to a carnival where the rides were expensive and the clowns actually were funny. During one of the shows, a clown picked Miyavi as a volunteer. That was his mistake. Miyavi didn't want to volunteer, so when the clown grabbed him to pull him on stage, he bit into the clown's hand. His eyes widened wide with lust as he got his first taste of flesh, and when the clown tried to free his hand, it was ripped off. Takegami had bit into it so hard, that he was able to rip off the finger of the man. He drank the blood and ate the flesh of the finger before security rushed over. When they came ocer, Miyavi wasted no time in jumping onto one of them and biting into his neck. When they finally could restrain him, he was taken to jail for a psychological evaluation. He said it was a mistake, and that it would never happen again, but that was a lie.

As a teenager, Miyavi still had a lust to eat the flesh of humans and drink their blood. He would hold back as much as he could, however, he snapped around the age of thirteen. He took his father's nodachi and killed both his parents. He ate their flesh and drunk their blood, however, taht was only the beginning. He rolled his mother off of the bed, and sat on top of his father with the nodachi. He sent it right through the chest of his father, and ripped it open and ate his heart, lungs, and a few other internal organs. Once Miyavi realised what he had done, he wasn't the least bit ashamed of what he did. He was actually enjoying eating their flesh, and most of all enjoyed causing them pain. He left his parents home, and disappeared from Okinawa for years. He moved into a small town known as Hamasaki on Kyushu. He grew up on that island, killing silently, commiting murder after murder, and killing innocent people. The one day, at the age of 23, he was finally caught. He had commited thirty seven murders, and was arrested and placed in prison for two years before escaping. He escaped to the city of Honoki on the island of Hokkaido. There he lived peacefully.... or so everyone wished. Although he was free, he saw a need for a public view change in status. He began conversing with people and becoming good friends with them as to lure them away from who he used to be.

He started his killings back up around three days of freedom. He had changed his appearance in such so that he wasn't found out, taking on the visual kei style. He had tattos, piercings, and akward taste in clothing and joined a local band. He kept his feasting at a calm rate so that the murders and missing persons wouldn't all begin to seem a little too familiar. He became a huge rockstar all over Japan making hit single after single untill he was finally arrested once more. His lust to kill and eat flesh became unbearable, and he went crazy. He ate person after person every night, feasting on their flesh at his home. When he was finally caught he was taken in for a psychological evaluation. He was asked only one question by the prosecutor, untill he flipped. He leapt onto the table and smiled psychoticly before biting into the neck of the prosecutor. Miyavi was then forced to go to an insane asylum around the age of 27. This brings him to present day where he is surrounded by crazies and psychos. Was this hell? Or could this be his new form of heaven?

RP Sample (Canons Only)

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Alexander Rumonov

Alexander Rumonov

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PostSubject: Re: Cannibal Miyavi   Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:11 pm

Approved. You will be located within Block F, Death Row. Enjoy the stay...
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Cannibal Miyavi
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