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Welcome to the most famous attraction in japan, 'Deadman Wonderland'! But are you a prisoner, or a tourist?
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 alone time(open)

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PostSubject: alone time(open)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:26 am

labelisa was sitting in a closet, slipring her ramen she bought and lisening to the raido. she had a blank look on her face, thinking about what senji had said "what really goes on in here?" she asked quietly, having been cooped up in a room and only been able to see a few secreity camras of the hall ways. she had no clue. labelisa curled up into a slight ball and sang along to the music, she was gonna hid here till someone came and got her. so she tryed to injoy her semi-freedom while she could.
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alone time(open)
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